Circuits! - Demonstrating the use of optical fibres in biomedical sciences

  • Duncan McNicholl (Creator)
  • Peter Reid (Creator)
  • Mark Reynolds (Creator)
  • Vincent Bussiere (Creator)
  • Angela Deighan (Creator)
  • Andras Kufcsak (Creator)
  • Dominic Norberg (Creator)
  • Giulia Spennati (Creator)
  • Helen Szoor-McElhinney (Creator)
  • Melanie Jimenez (Creator)
  • Graham Crawford (Creator)
  • Alice Garrett (Creator)
  • Katjana Ehrlich (Creator)
  • Helen Parker (Creator)



The Circuits! - project, funded through the The Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Grant (ING1617/11/114), demonstrates how research at the intersection of physics, engineering, biology, and medicine can be presented in an interactive and educational way to a non-scientific audience. Respiratory diseases are significant contributors to avoidable morbidity and mortality and have a
growing social and economic impact. With the aim of improving lung disease understanding, new techniques in fibre-based optical endomicroscopy have been recently developed. Interdisciplinary research with a focus on prevalent diseases provides a relatable context that can be used to enrich high school education. Here, we present a novel teaching methodology, developed between
high school science teachers and researchers, that resembles a bench-to-bedside pathway. The methodology comprises an inexpensive educational tool (< $ 70) adapted from a clinical optical endomicroscopy system and tutorials that cover state-of-the-art research.
This data set contains STL files for the 3d printing parts, templates for graphs, an instructional video, teaching material and a detailed description and trouble shooting document for the education tool.

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Ehrlich, Katjana; Parker, Helen E; McNicholl, Duncan K; Reid, Peter; Reynolds, Mark; Bussiere, Vincent; Crawford, Graham; Deighan, Angela; Garrett, Alice; Kufcsák, András; Norberg, Dominic R; Spennati, Giulia; Szoor-McElhinney, Helen; Jimenez, Melanie. (2019). Circuits! - Demonstrating the use of optical fibres in biomedical sciences, 2017-2019 [dataset]. Circuits!-Team.
Date made available17 Jul 2019
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage1 Apr 2017 - 1 Apr 2019

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