Click-East: Parent-child Play and ADOS from a pilot RCT



This DataVault item contains video data collected as part of the Click-East clinical trial. The videos for each prticipant are:
a) Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)
b) parent-child play
c) other footage from the data collection session, which may include Mullen Scales of Early Learning and other measures

The dataset includes data from the baseline and outcome timepoints from the trial, which are distinguished by a letter code. The folder also includes related documentation from the Click-East trial including compiled datasets for analysis and ethics and recruitment documents.


This is the abstract from the main publication from the Click-East pilot trial:

This study evaluated a technology-based early intervention for social communication skills in pre-schoolers in a randomised controlled trial. Participants were 54 children aged under 6 years with a diagnosis of autism, assigned to either intervention or control conditions. The app engaged children, who played consistently, regardless of developmental level, and was rated highly by parents. There were no significant group differences in parent-report measures post-intervention, nor in a measure of parent–child play at follow-up. Therefore, this intervention did not have an observable impact on real-world social communication skills and caution is recommended about the potential usefulness of iPad™ apps for amelioration of difficulties in interaction. However, positive attitudes among participants, lack of harms and the potential of apps to deliver therapeutic content at low economic cost suggest this approach is worth pursuing further, perhaps targeting other skill domains.

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Fletcher-Watson, S., (2019). Click-East: Parent-child Play and ADOS from a pilot RCT. Edinburgh DataVault.
Date made availableNov 2019
PublisherEdinburgh DataVault
Date of data productionApr 2012 - Jun 2013

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