Conflict resolution in Spanish bilinguals and monolinguals

  • Maria Garcia Basanta (Creator)



Evidence of positive effects on nonlinguistic conflict monitoring and conflict resolution have been found in Catalan-Spanish bilinguals compared to Spanish monolinguals (Costa et al., 2009). This study partially replicated the Attentional Network Task (ANT) administered to the Catalan bilinguals on another Spanish bilingual population: Galician-Spanish bilinguals. The study tested 25 bilinguals and 18 monolinguals on two high-monitoring versions of the ANT: one with 50% of congruent trials and another with 75% congruent trials. It also introduced an English general proficiency test and a self-reported bilingual language use scale to assess foreign language proficiency and bilingual language use. The dataset includes the information from the questionnaires, the results from the LexTALE used to test English proficiency and the results from the flanker task in the ANT.

Data Citation

Garcia Basanta, Maria. (2021). Conflict resolution in Spanish bilinguals and monolinguals, 2021 [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.
Date made available24 Aug 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverageMay 2021 - Jul 2021
Geographical coverageSPAIN,ES

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