Cytokine stimulation of canine chondrocytes and osteoblasts



In vitro modelling of osteoarthritis typically uses cytokines to induce a catabolic phenotype in joint cells. This model was used to identify the response to a cytokine parameter identified as most representative of early stage osteoarthritis. Canine cells were used, isolated from the humeral head of post-mortem subjects. The cartilage cells were stimulated with 5 ng/ml of IL8 for 2 hours, whilst the osteoblasts were stimulated with 500 pg/mL of IL1 and 500 pg/mL of IL8. After the indicated culture time, RNA was extracted and a microarray was performed to identify gene expression changes.

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Johnson, Craig; Clements, Dylan. (2016). Cytokine stimulation of canine chondrocytes and osteoblasts, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Roslin Institute.
Date made available4 Aug 2016
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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