DALEC-Grass : Model development, parameter calibration and validation

  • Vasilis Myrgiotis (Creator)



Model inputs, model outputs and model code as used and presented in "Myrgiotis, V., Blei, E., Clement, R., Jones, S. K., Keane, B., Lee, M. A., Levy, P. E., Rees, R. M., Skiba, U. M., Smallman, T. L., Toet, S., & Williams, M. (2020). A model-data fusion approach to analyse carbon dynamics in managed grasslands. Agricultural Systems, 184, 102907"

The submission includes the following : (1) The code (written in fortran) of the DALEC-Grass model used in the aforementioned study. (2) Model input data on climate and human-management variables for the two simulated sites (i.e. Easer Bush and Crichton). (3) Model output data for all variables presented in the published research article

(1) The model's fortran (.f90) code can be compiled into a python shared object (.so). This allows the model to be imported and called as a standard python function
(2) In order to compile the .f90 into a python .so (using command line interface) navigate to the directory where the code is stored and run the following command "f2py -c DALEC_GRASS.f90 -m DALEC_GRASS"
(3) For information on model input variables please read the first lines in DALEC-GRASS.f90
(4) The model is implemented on a daily time-step (daily inputs/outputs)

Data Citation

Myrgiotis, Vasilis. (2021). DALEC-Grass : Model development, parameter calibration and validation, 2002-2011 [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of GeoSciences. Global Change Ecology Lab. https://doi.org/10.7488/ds/3261.
Date made available13 Dec 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage1 Jan 2002 - 1 Jan 2011
Geographical coverageEaster Bush, Midlothian, Scotland, UK,Crichton, Dumfries, Scotland, UK,UNITED KINGDOM,UK

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