Data on the composition of four balanced and four unbalanced series of E12.5 fetal mouse chimaeras

  • Jean H Flockhart (Creator)
  • Pin-Chi Tang (Creator)
  • Gillian E MacKay (Creator)
  • Margaret A. Keighren (Creator)
  • Adrien Kissenpfennig (Creator)
  • Linda Wilson (Creator)
  • Thomas Pratt (Creator)
  • John Mason (Creator)
  • David Price (Creator)
  • John West (Creator)



This is numerical data used to compare the composition of different series of fetal mouse chimaeras. Eight series of chimaeras were created as matched pairs in four studies and the composition of each chimaeric conceptus was evaluated by electrophoresis of glucose phosphate isomerase (GPI) markers. These data show that BALB/c embryos tend to contribute poorly to mouse chimaeras [references 1, 3, 4] and this appears to be mediated, in part, by a maternal effect [reference 2].

1. West, J.D., Flockhart, J.H., 1994. Genotypically unbalanced diploid ↔diploid foetal mouse chimaeras: possible relevance to human confined mosaicism. Genet Res 63, 87-99. DOI:
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3. Tang, P.-C. & West, J.D., 2001. Size regulation does not cause the composition of mouse chimaeras to become unbalanced. Int. J. Dev. Biol. 45, 583-590.
4. MacKay, G.E., Keighren, M.A., Wilson, L., Pratt, T., Flockhart, J.H., Mason, J.O., Price, D.J., West, J.D., 2005. Evaluation of the mouse TgTP6.3 tauGFP transgene as a lineage marker in chimeras. J. Anat. 206, 79-92. DOI: 10.1111/j.0021-8782.2005.00370.x

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Flockhart, Jean H.; Tang, Pin-Chi; MacKay, Gillian E.; Keighren, Margaret A.; Kissenpfennig, Adrien; Wilson, Linda; Pratt, Thomas; Mason, John O.; Price, David J.; West, John D.. (2017). Data on the composition of four balanced and four unbalanced series of E12.5 fetal mouse chimaeras, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Medical School.
Date made available6 Jun 2017
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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