Data supporting "General calibration of microbial growth in microplate readers"

  • Teuta Pilizota (Creator)
  • Keiran Stevenson (Creator)
  • Ivan Clark (Creator)



Data supporting the paper Stevenson et al, Optical density (OD) measurements of microbial growth are one of the most common techniques used in microbiology, with applications ranging from antibiotic efficacy studies, studies of growth under different nutritional or stress environments, to studies of different mutant strains, including those harbouring synthetic circuits. OD measurements are performed under the assumption that the OD value obtained is proportional to the cell number, i.e. the concentration of the sample. However, the assumption holds true in a limited range of conditions and calibration techniques that determine that range are currently missing. The publication presents a set of calibration procedures and considerations that are necessary to successfully estimate the cell concentration from OD measurements.

Data Citation

Pilizota, Teuta; Stevenson, Keiran; Clark, Ivan. (2016). General calibration of microbial growth in microplate readers: Data supporting Figures 1-3, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Biological Sciences. Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology.
Date made available21 Jul 2016
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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