Development of Metalloporphyrin-Based Oxygen Sensors and Ex Vivo Lung Studies

  • Micheal G. Tanner (Creator)
  • Tushar Choudhary (Creator)
  • Fuad Mohamad (Creator)
  • James Stone (Creator)
  • Mark Bradley (Creator)
  • Debaditya Choudhury (Creator)
  • Adam Marshall (Creator)



This study focus on oxygen sensing which was based on luminescence quenching of metalloporphyrins by oxygen. Polymerisable metalloporphyrins were developed, and photo- polymerised at the end of an optical fibre. The fabricated oxygen sensors were dual emissions upon excitation, allowing self-referencing for ratiometric oxygen analysis. For oxygen measurements inside an ex vivo lung model, the polymer was immobilised at the distal end of an etched 4-core optical fibre, and showed robust oxygen measurements in agreement with on-bench calibration and the internal lung measurements. The sensor showed different oxygen emission signal at different oxygen concentrations, and this successful demonstration showed the potential for in vivo application of the sensor.

This dataset consists of 4 set of data (i.e. 4 separated files) namely OxygenData1, OxygenData2, OxygenData3 and OxygenData4. OxygenData1 is the oxygen sensor data on 19-cores optical fibre whereas OyxgenData2 is the oxygen sensor data on 4-cores optical fibre. Both data show fluorescence emission of oxygen sensor at different oxygen saturation. OxygenData3 contains absorbance data of compound palladium-metalloporphyrins (compound 3), and data analysis of oxygen sensor experiments conducted at different temperatures (emission-temperature dependent experiments), photostability of oxygen sensors and time response of the sensors. OxygenData4 is the emission data of oxygen sensor conducted inside the sheep lung for ex-vivo analysis.

Data Citation

Bradley, Mark; Tanner, Micheal G.; Choudhary, Tushar; Marshall, Adam; Stone, James; Choudhury, Debaditya; Mohamad, Fuad. (2022). Development of Metalloporphyrin-Based Oxygen Sensors and Ex Vivo Lung Studies, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Chemistry..
Date made available31 Dec 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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