DIPLOMATIC study documents

  • Lorraine Adamson (Creator)
  • Hilary Pinnock (Creator)
  • Jane Norman (Creator)
  • Sarah Stock (Creator)
  • James Boardman (Creator)
  • Rebecca Reynolds (Creator)
  • John Norrie (Creator)
  • Sarah Cunningham-Burley (Creator)
  • Rachael Wood (Creator)
  • Harry Campbell (Creator)
  • Liz Grant (Creator)
  • Fadhila Mazanderani (Creator)
  • Sarah Parry (Creator)
  • Aisha Holloway (Creator)
  • Caroline Hollins Martin (Creator)
  • Corinne D. B. Love (Creator)
  • Brian Magowan (Creator)
  • Frank Taulo (Creator)
  • Gladys Membe-Gadama (Creator)
  • Mia Crampin (Creator)
  • Bridget Freyne (Creator)
  • Chipeta Effie (Creator)
  • Queen Dube (Creator)
  • Kondwani Kawaza (Creator)
  • Doris Kayambo (Creator)
  • Elizabeth Chodzaza (Creator)
  • Thomas Sukwa (Creator)
  • Everist Njelesani (Creator)
  • Catherine Mkandawire (Creator)
  • Jean Desire Kabamba (Creator)
  • Sonia Whyte (Creator)
  • Peter Mwaba (Creator)
  • David Lissauer (Creator)
  • Luis Gadama (Creator)
  • Muriel Syacumpi (Creator)
  • Martha Masamba (Creator)
  • Muyereka Nyirenda (Creator)
  • Felix Simute (Creator)
  • Donald Waters (Creator)
  • Elizabeth Wastnedge (Creator)
  • Sarah Murray (Creator)
  • Alex Viner (Creator)
  • Pauline Ward (Depositor)



This archive comprises study documents including work packages 1 to 8, some of the materials include the following:
- study protocol (an over-arching very detailed description of the experiment);
- consent forms;
- educational materials relating to ultrasound scanning and so on.

## Access ##
Requests for a copy of the data are welcome. The data are held in the DataVault, which is directly accessible only to University of Edinburgh nominated users. To request a copy, please contact Lorraine Adamson.


DIPLOMATIC is a clinical trial, a multidisciplinary international collaboration investigating interventions in pre-term birth and still-term birth in low and middle income countries. (DIPLOMATIC: using eviDence, Implementation science, and a clinical trial PLatform to Optimise MATernal and newborn health in low Income Countries).
Date made availableJul 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataVault
Temporal coverageOct 2018 - Jul 2021
Geographical coverageMalawi, Zambia

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