Eddy diffusivity diagnostics data



This collection includes data which accompany the following article (herafter

J. Mak, J. R. Maddison and D. P. Marshall, ``A new gauge-invariant method for
diagnosing eddy diffusivities'', submitted to Ocean Modelling

The physical parameters for the model for the three-layer quasi-geostrophic
calculations are described in:
J. R. Maddison, D. P. Marshall and J. Shipton, ``On the dynamical influence of
ocean eddy potential vorticity fluxes'', Ocean Modelling 92, pp. 169--182, 2015

and the physical parameters for the five-layer calculations are given in MMM
section 5.

Data are stored in VTK (http://www.vtk.org/) XML unstructured grid format (.vtu
file extension). All data are P1 (piecewise linear continuous) functions defined
using a conforming triangle mesh, except for the kappa_grt0 calculations where
the data is in P2. An additional copy of the data in each .vtu file is stored in
an HDF5 file, created using DOLFIN 1.4 (http://fenicsproject.org/).

Data Citation

Mak, Julian; Maddison, James; Marshall, David. (2015). Eddy diffusivity diagnostics data, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Mathematics. http://dx.doi.org/10.7488/ds/366.
Date made available3 Dec 2015
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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