Edinburgh Speech Production Facility (ESPF) DoubleTalk

  • Alan Wrench (Creator)
  • Korin Richmond (Creator)
  • Ronny Wiegand (Creator)
  • Kevin White (Creator)
  • Alice Turk (Creator)
  • James M. Scobbie (Creator)
  • Christian Geng (Creator)
  • Ellen Gurman Bard (Creator)
  • Barry Campbell (Creator)
  • Edward Dubourg (Creator)
  • William Hardcastle (Creator)
  • Phil Hoole (Creator)
  • Simon King (Creator)
  • Robin Lickley (Creator)
  • Cedric Macmartin (Creator)
  • Satsuki Nakai (Creator)
  • Marianne Pouplier (Creator)
  • Steve Renals (Creator)



The Edinburgh Speech Production Facility DoubleTalk dataset contains synchronized recordings of speech movements over time
and audio.

Data were collected using two Carstens AG500 electromagnetic articulometers and high quality audio equipment. Data analysis was made possible by Articulate Instruments commercially available data analysis software.

The ESPF DoubleTalk project was a dialogue study between speakers of Southern Standard British English and Scottish English (inc. a pilot study with speakers of American English and Northern English). It ran from 2010-03-01 to 2010-08-31. All participants were native English speakers.

Data Citation

Turk, Alice; Scobbie, James M; Geng, Christian; Bard, Ellen Gurman; Campbell, Barry; Dubourg, Edward; Hardcastle, William; Hoole, Phil; King, Simon; Lickley, Robin; Macmartin, Cedric; Nakai, Satsuki; Pouplier, Marianne; Renals, Steve; Richmond, Korin; Wiegand, Ronny; White, Kevin; Wrench, Alan. (2022). Edinburgh Speech Production Facility (ESPF) DoubleTalk, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, Linguistics and English Language. https://doi.org/10.7488/ds/3508.
Date made available23 Aug 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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