eHistology Kaufman Atlas Plate 15a image e

  • Richard Baldock (Creator)
  • Elizabeth Graham (Creator)
  • Julie Moss (Creator)
  • Nick Burton (Creator)
  • Yogmatee Roochun (Creator)
  • Christopher Armit (Creator)
  • Lorna Richardson (Creator)



citation.txt - how to cite use of this image details.txt - the embryo text description that appears at the top of the printed atlas page image.jpg - full resolution jpeg image of the histological section terms.txt - tab-delimited table of the annotations for this image providing the annotations, location in the image, annotation number and EMAPA ID. url.txt - text file providing the URL for the image on the web resource.


The eMouseAtlas team have re-digitised the original histological sections used for the "Atlas of Mouse Development" by Matt Kaufman. The resource is published available on the Web at and the publication at This is the dataset for Plate 15a image e.

Data Citation

Elizabeth Graham; Julie Moss; Nick Burton; Yogmatee Roochun; Chris Armit; Lorna Richardson; Richard Baldock. (2016). eHistology Kaufman Atlas Plate 15a image e, [image]. University of Edinburgh. College of Medicine and Vetinary Medicine.
Date made available21 Jan 2016
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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