This item consists of a recorded Shilluk song (wav file), accompanied with annotation (in Praat TextGrid) and associated information: metadata, permissions and speaker questionnaire. The associated information is also summarized, in a spreadsheet. The TextGrid annotation includes Shilluk orthography, translation, and comments.


This song belongs to the young men of the village of Dibalo (in the Ogot Konam area), who called themselves the “Germans”. This age-set, the Germans, danced with the Daughters of the Kwajwok clan of Paju for a long time (from 1960-75). Nobody is claimed to be the composer; everybody in the group wants to be the gentleman. When young men choose to dance with the girls of a certain village, the parents of the girls expect that they will marry from the girls. But if the boys were bad and make some of the girls pregnant, then separation comes. In this context, "Paju is watching us." means that Paju is expecting us (the group that dance with their daughters) to marry from the girls and become good in-laws.

Data Citation

Gwado Ayoker, Otto; Remijsen, Bert. (2014). EmmanuelOkwacDhikwan_songIStaySeparate, 2008 [sound]. University of Edinburgh. School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. Linguistics and English Language. http://dx.doi.org/10.7488/ds/14.
Date made available3 Feb 2014
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage22 Feb 2008 - 22 Feb 2008
Geographical coverageSouth Sudan

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