This item consists of a recorded Shilluk song (wav file), accompanied with annotation (in Praat TextGrid) and associated information: metadata, permissions and speaker questionnaire. The associated information is also summarized, in a spreadsheet. The TextGrid annotation includes Shilluk orthography, translation, and comments.


The composer is trying to give advice to a friend who began to persuade a girl for marriage but he had no cows to pay the dowry. He says: My friend, son of Nyiyom, don't try to persuade any girl (for marriage). Don't try to persuade any girl (for marriage) because you have just a few goats for begging the girl's parents. It seems that the composer has no sister, so he had to work hard over many years in order to buy cows for marriage. The composer (who calls himself ‘wäd nyaar Waw’) says that he worked for all the cows except for the bull that accompanied his cows. It was given to him from the dowry of Nyajok daughter of Ajo (just a gift from a relative) and he took care of it until it became a big bull that went with the cows.

Data Citation

Gwado Ayoker, Otto; Remijsen, Bert. (2014). EmmanuelOkwacDhikwan_songSomebodyWithoutDowry, 2008 [sound]. University of Edinburgh. School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. Linguistics and English Language. http://dx.doi.org/10.7488/ds/13.
Date made available24 Feb 2014
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage22 Feb 2008 - 22 Feb 2008
Geographical coverageSouth Sudan

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