Experimental flow data from co-located Single beam Acoustic Doppler Profiler and Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter in the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility

  • Mairi Dorward (Creator)
  • Brian Sellar (Creator)
  • Tom Davey (Creator)
  • Roman Gabl (Creator)
  • Chris Old (Creator)
  • Marilou Jourdain De Thieulloy (Creator)



Acoustic Doppler Profilers (ADPs) are routinely used to measure flow velocity in the ocean, enabling multi-points measurement along a profile while Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters (ADVs) are laboratory instruments that provide very precise point velocity measurement.
The experimental set-up allows laboratory comparison of measurement from those two instruments. Simultaneous multi-point measurements of velocity along the horizontal tank profile from Single-Beam Acoustic Doppler Profiler (SB-ADP) were compared against multiple co-located point measurements from an ADV. The data-set of this first time comparison has been made available. Measurements were performed in the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility at the University of Edinburgh at flow velocities between 0.6~m/s and 1.2~m/s. This data-set contains a) time series of raw SB-ADP uni-directional velocity measurements along a 10~m tank profile binned into 54 measurements cells and b) ADV point measurements of three-directional velocity time series recorded in beam coordinates at selected locations along the profile. Associated with the velocity data are instrument generated quality data, metadata and user-derived quality flags. This data-set provides multiple contemporaneous velocity measurements along the tank profile, relevant for correlation statistics, length-scale calculations and validation of numerical models simulating flow hydrodynamics in circular test facilities.

Data Citation

Jourdain de Thieulloy, Marilou; Dorward, Mairi; Sellar, Brian; Old, Chris; Davey, Tom; Gabl, Roman. (2020). Experimental Single beam Acoustic Doppler Profiler and Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter co-located velocity data measured in the FloWave, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Engineering. https://doi.org/10.7488/ds/2842.
Date made available8 Jun 2020
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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