This algorithm takes a point cloud of a building as a main input, divides it into storeys, extract structural elements and parametrises their geometry and relationships. Input arguments are the following: (1) path to file (i.e. point cloud), (2) size of voxels to divide the dataset and identify the spaces, (3) resolution of the point cloud. At this stage, outputs are (1) a point cloud per storey and (2) OBJ files defining the boundary (i.e. faces of walls) of each space.

>> extractStoreys.exe "C:/Path/to/your/file/pointCloud.ply" 0.04 1

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Valero, Enrique; Bosché, Frédéric. (2020). extractStoreys, [software]. Cyberbuild Lab. The University of Edinburgh.
Date made available31 Mar 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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