Family Genotype and Phenotype Data



The data forms part of the Resource pack Human genetic variation and disease, which is a real data resource to allow students to explore genetic and phenotypic data as part of their Scottish Qualifications Authority Nat5 or Higher Biology Assignment,
Staff from the MRC Human Genetics Unit worked with the lead biology teachers for Edinburgh and their colleagues to create the resource. The dataset consists of individual level genotype and phenotype of participants in Generation Scotland (Scottish Family Health Study, GS:SFHS),

Data Citation

Kerr, Shona; Campbell, Archie; Porteous, David; Hayward, Caroline. (2016). Family Genotype and Phenotype Data, [dataset]. Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine MRC Human Genetics Unit.
[Part of the Edinburgh DataShare QTL Collection. ]
Date made available8 Dec 2016
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Geographical coverageScotland

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