Filicide-suicide and filicide-parasuicide in the United Kingdom between 2005 and 2013: prevalence, characteristics and risk factors

  • Anna Anderson (Depositor)
  • Julie Taylor (Project Leader)
  • Francesca Soliman (Creator)
  • Anne Lazenbatt (Researcher)
  • John Devaney (Researcher)
  • Rowena Arshad (Data Manager)



This study was a retrospective analysis of filicide-suicide and filicide-parasuicide cases in the United Kingdom between 2005 and 2013. Using information from child protection case reviews and media reports the research employed descriptive statistical analysis to explore perpetrator, victim, and event characteristics of filicide-(para)suicide events.

Data Citation

The data is held in a secure data archive at the University of Edinburgh if you wish access you should contact Rowena Arshad.
Date made available31 Dec 2015
PublisherThe University of Edinburgh/NSPCC Child Protection Research Centre
Temporal coverage2005 - 2013
Date of data production31 Dec 2015
Geographical coverageUK

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