Five illustrated woodland expansion visions for Scotland



Despite woodland expansion being advocated via a number of policy documents, barriers to woodland creation in Scotland remain. These include contested views about land use amongst multiple stakeholders, concerns around trade-offs with other land uses, and a lack of synergy between policies and plans. Five contrasting woodland expansion visions were developed to better understand agreement and differences between these views. The visions are based on a mixed-method approach consisting of: content analysis of 53 vision documents, plans and policies relating to forestry and woodland expansion from a wide range of stakeholders involved in forestry, conservation and land use in Scotland; a workshop with 18 stakeholders; and semi-structured interviews with 4 further stakeholders. This dataset provides five rich pictures illustrating these visions, which were created by Scriberia ( based on ideas from Vanessa Burton and Marc Metzger. The visions_description.pdf file provides a short description of the visions. For more information please refer to: Burton V (2017) Understanding stakeholder values for woodland expansion. ESCom Briefing Note. ; Burton V, Metzger MJ, Brown C, Moseley D (2018) Green Gold to Wild Woodlands; understanding stakeholder visions for woodland expansion in Scotland. Landscape Ecology ( in review)

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Burton, Vanessa; Metzger, Marc J. (2018). Five illustrated woodland expansion visions for Scotland, [image]. The University of Edinburgh.
Date made available2 Apr 2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Geographical coverageScotland

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