Grid cells are modulated by local head direction



In vivo tetrode recordings from the medial entorhinal cortex of mice during open field exploration. This data set contains recordings from grid cells, conjunctive cells and other spatial cells. Please look at Gerlei_et_at_2020_where_to_find_data_and_code.xlsx to find which files to download to replicate specific figures.

If you only need the data from the sorted clusters, (firing times, position...) download

Data Citation

Nolan, Matthew; Gerlei, Klara; Passlack, Jessica; Hawes, Ian; Vandrey, Brianna; Stevens, Holly; Papastathopoulos, Ioannis. (2020). Grid cells are modulated by local head direction, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh.
Date made available24 Jun 2020
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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