Guppy Sex Project

  • Deborah Charlesworth (Owner)
  • Suo Qiu (Creator)
  • Roberta Bergero (Creator)
  • Jim Gardner (Creator)
  • Chay Graham (Creator)
  • Lengxob Yong (Creator)



Genomic data files.

1. PoolSeq data from multiple natural populations from Trinidad (created by L. Yong)

## Access ##
This dataset is held in the Edinburgh DataVault, which is accessible only to authorised University of Edinburgh users. Requests for access should be addressed to the contact person or the PI.


Integrated programme of molecular genetic studies to fill gaps in understanding sex chromosome evolution. The data are from the guppy (Poecilia reticulata), and the data include genome sequences of this fish and its closest relatives, including sequences from males and females sampled from multiple natural populations in Trinidad and Suriname. These sequences have been used to develop DNA-based markers and create genetic maps to test the prediction that recombination rates between the male-determining region and other genes will be lower in natural populations with high than low predation rates, and to conduct molecular evolutionary analysis to estimate the age of the guppy sex chromosome system.

Data Citation

Charlesworth, D et al. "Guppy Sex Project" (2021) Edinburgh DataVault
Date made available2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataVault

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