IDEAL Household Energy Dataset



This dataset supports a dataset description paper accepted for publication in Nature Scientific Data.


The IDEAL Household Energy Dataset comprises data from 255 UK homes. Alongside electric and gas data from each home the corpus contains individual room temperature and humidity readings and temperature readings from the boiler. For 39 of the 255 homes more detailed data is available, including individual electrical appliance use data, and data on individual radiators. Sensor data is augmented by anonymised survey data and metadata including occupant demographics, self-reported energy awareness and attitudes, and building, room and appliance characteristics. The dataset is split across several downloads, below. README.txt summarises the contents of each download. describes each
data file in the dataset, and the source research project and data collection methodology. provides helpful code examples (Python) to aid with getting started with analysis.

Data Citation

Goddard, Nigel; Kilgour, Jonathan; Pullinger, Martin; Arvind, D.K; Lovell, Heather; Moore, Johanna; Shipworth, David; Sutton, Charles; Webb, Jan; Berliner, Niklas; Brewitt, Cillian; Dzikovska, Myroslava; Farrow, Edmund; Farrow, Elaine; Mann, Janek; Morgan, Evan; Webb, Lynda; Zhong, Mingjun. (2020). IDEAL Household Energy Dataset, 2016-2018 [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Informatics.
Date made available23 Apr 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage10 Aug 2016 - 30 Jun 2018
Geographical coverageEdinburgh, Fife, The Lothians

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