Improvising Duos - visual interaction collection



This dataset includes 26 items of audio-visual data in MP4 format, featuring recordings of live, improvised musical duo performances collected in Leipzig, Germany between April-July 2011 as part of the Improvising Duos research project. The primary aim of the project was to collect kinematic data via an optical motion capture system for use in a perceptual study. This perceptual study is reported in Moran, Hadley, Bader and Keller (2015), Perception of 'Back-Channeling' Nonverbal Feedback in Musical Duo Improvisation', PLoS ONE 10(6). Please refer to this publication for the data collection procedure. The musicians shown in these recordings were recruited for expertise in one of two styles of improvisation, either as jazz improvisers or as free improvisers. Both groups were instructed to play according to their respective styles, but following a formula which encouraged short, solo turn-taking episodes. In addition to the single-camera digital video data which comprises this particular collection, and the kinematic motion data, separate audio tracks were recorded for each musician using two Audio Technica AT 2035 condenser microphones; electric and digital instruments were recorded with a direct line in.

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Moran, Nikki; Jakubowski, Kelly; Keller, Peter E.. (2017). Improvising Duos - visual interaction collection, 2011 [moving image]. University of Edinburgh.
Date made available18 Sept 2017
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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