INSITE Data Roadmap and documentation



The INSITE Data Roadmap is a database of data sources likely to be useful to those interested in the influence of manmade structures on North Sea ecosystems. To date it consists of 74 datasets collated from governments, NGOs and research institutions. This product has been produced as part of the INSITE Data Initiative, funded by the INSITE research programme. INSITE – INfluence of man-made Structures In the Ecosystem is a major industry-sponsored project with the overall aim of providing stakeholders with the independent scientific evidence-base needed to better understand the influence of man-made structures on the ecosystem of the North Sea. Further information can be found at The main gaps in our data sets collected so far concern sediment microbial turnover, geochemistry, production water discharge and flaring and atmospheric discharges. Whilst not a comprehensive list of all available data, we hope that this will be a useful research tool for accessing relevant data with ease.

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Murray, Fiona; Gormley, Kate; Roberts, J Murray. (2018). INSITE Data Roadmap and documentation, 2016-2017 [interactive resource].
Date made available12 Jan 2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage1 Mar 2016 - 21 Jun 2017
Geographical coverageNorth Sea

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