Integration of Electrodeposited Ni-Fe in MEMS with Low-Temperature

  • Anthony Walton (Creator)



This article presents a set of low-temperature deposition and etching processes for the integration of electrochemically deposited Ni-Fe alloys in complex magnetic microelectromechanical systems, as Ni-Fe is known to suffer from detrimental stress development when subjected to excessive thermal loads. A selective etch process is reported which enables the copper seed layer used for electrodeposition to be removed while preserving the integrity of Ni-Fe. In addition, a low temperature deposition and surface micromachining process is presented in which silicon dioxide and silicon nitride are used respectively as sacrificial material and structural dielectric. The sacrificial layer can be patterned and removed by wet buffered oxide etch or vapour HF etching. The reported methods limit the thermal budget and minimise the stress development in Ni-Fe. This combination of techniques represents an advance towards the reliable integration of Ni-Fe components in complex surface micromachined magnetic MEMS.

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Walton, Anthony. (2017). Integration of Electrodeposited Ni-Fe in MEMS with Low-Temperature, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Engineering.
Date made available21 Mar 2017
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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