This item consists of a recorded Shilluk song (wav file), accompanied with annotation (in Praat TextGrid) and associated information: metadata, permissions and speaker questionnaire. The associated information is also summarized, in a spreadsheet. The TextGrid annotation includes Shilluk orthography, translation, and comments.


The recording at the center of this item is a song composed by the performer. It is about his shield, which he bought from the country of Nuer. The shield which he bought is a skin of a giraffe, so he calls it giraffe! The shield was shaped by a craft man called Akumbek from the village Obay. The composer says that some men from his village did not try to buy shields but care much of drinking wine; they like drinking wine especially when it is in the villages that are on the Nile, because those villages are somehow cold. He asks those who did not want to buy shields, ‘What will you do when a war cry is heard? Will you run out from your house with akwer?’ And he says to such a man, ‘You liar, get behind!’

Data Citation

Gwado Ayoker, Otto; Remijsen, Bert. (2013). JohnsonOtorKwol_songGiraffeShield, 2013 [sound]. University of Edinburgh. School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. Linguistics and English Language.
Date made available12 Dec 2013
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage16 Nov 2013 - 16 Nov 2013
Geographical coverageSouth Sudan

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