LEEDR project home energy dataset

  • Richard Buswell (Creator)
  • Lynda Webb (Creator)
  • Paula Cosar-Jorda (Creator)
  • Dashamir Marini (Creator)
  • Sandy Brownlee (Creator)
  • Murray Thomson (Creator)
  • Shuang-Hua Yang (Creator)
  • Roy Kalawsky (Creator)



The LEEDR project (http://leedr-project.co.uk) was funded through the EPSRC (EP/I000267/1) between 2010 to 2014 to understand domestic energy consumption in the context of everyday family life.

The project engaged comprehensive, high resolution engineering based empirical monitoring (presented here) with social science and user centered design methods that employed video data, accessible from http://energyanddigitalliving.com.

This data set presents the monitoring data from 20 households, maintained by Richard Buswell (r.a.buswell@lboro.ac.uk), Building Energy Research Group (BERG), School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University.

Data Citation

Buswell, Richard; Webb, Lynda; Cosar-Jorda, Paula; Marini, Dashamir; Brownlee, Sandy; Thomson, Murray; et al. (2018): LEEDR project home energy dataset. Loughborough University. Dataset. https://doi.org/10.17028/rd.lboro.6176450.v1
Date made available5 Jul 2018
PublisherLoughborough University

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