• Cyril Pernet (Creator)
  • Guillaume A. Rousselet (Creator)
  • Nicolas Chauveau (Creator)
  • Carl Gaspar (Creator)



Magnetic- and electric-evoked brain responses have traditionally been analyzed by comparing the peaks or mean amplitudes of signals from selected channels and averaged across trials. More recently, tools have been developed to investigate single trial response variability (e.g., EEGLAB) and to test differences between averaged evoked responses over the entire scalp and time dimensions (e.g., SPM, Fieldtrip). LIMO EEG is a Matlab toolbox (EEGLAB compatible) to analyse evoked responses over all space and time dimensions, while accounting for single trial variability using a simple hierarchical linear modelling of the data. In addition, LIMO EEG provides robust parametric tests, therefore providing a new and complementary tool in the analysis of neural evoked responses.

Data Citation

LIMO Team; Pernet, Cyril; Rousselet, Guillaume; Gaspar, Carl; Chauveau, Nicolas. (2016). LIMO EEG v1.5, [software]. University of Edinburgh, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences.
Date made available17 Nov 2016
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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