Liquid slip over gas nanofilms

  • Srinivasa Ramisetti (Creator)
  • Matthew Borg (Creator)
  • Duncan A. Lockerby (Creator)
  • Jason Reese (Creator)



This data folder has the output data from all four molecular dynamics simulations carried out in this paper, organised according to the Knudsen number (Kn_xxx). Each simulation folder contains a steady-state time directory, and the collected time-variation of all measurements over the full simulation.

These simulations use the standard folder and file format of OpenFOAM; see for more information on how cases are setup, dictionaries (i.e. the input files) etc.

All files that do not contain extensions or contain an extension of .xy, .xyz and .txt are text files and can be viewed using standard text editors.


This dataset contains data from reported Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations of shear-driven liquid flow over an infinite gas nanofilm covering a solid surface. Four computationally expensive simulations are considered, which differ from each other from the rarefaction of the gas nanofilm (i.e. the Knudsen number). In each data folder one finds the final steady-state profiles taken normal from the surface, and the time-varying properties in the gas/liquid bulk.

Data Citation

Ramisetti, Srinivasa; Borg, Matthew; Lockerby, Duncan; Reese, Jason. (2017). Liquid slip over gas nanofilms, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh.
Date made available1 Aug 2017
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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