Liz Glass TB Project Genotyping Results

  • Elizabeth Glass (Owner)
  • John Woolliams (Owner)
  • Stephen Bishop (Creator)
  • Samantha Wilkinson (Researcher)
  • Mairead Bermingham (Researcher)
  • Robin Skuce (Creator)
  • Adrian Allen (Creator)
  • Colin Simpson (Depositor)



Raw SNP data and ancillary files from genome wide association studies on bovine tuberculosis BBSRC funded projects: CEDFAS initiative grants BB/E018386/1 and BB/E018335/1 and 2; Animal Health Research Club grant BB/L004054/1; Institute Strategic Programme Grants (ISP3 Innate Immunity & Endemic Disease) [BB/J004227/1], (ISP1 Analysis and Prediction in Complex Animal Systems) [BB/J004235/1] and (ISP2 Control of Infectious Diseases) [BB/P013740/1].


Holstein-Friesian raw SNP data.
Date made availableAug 2017
PublisherEdinburgh DataVault
Temporal coverage2006 - 2017
Date of data production27 Apr 2011

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