The repository contains data from electrophysiology recordings from hippocampal brain slices to measure long term potentiation.

The data contain experiments from 2 experiment.
LTP_MAPTAD contains data from the following genotypes:
- MAPT-null
- MAPT-null x APP/PS1
- MAPT-null x rTg21221
- MAPT-null x rTg21221 x APP/PS1

LTP_APPPS1 contains data from the following genotypes:
- APP/PS1 +/-
- APP/PS1 -/-

- LTP_ARUK_Information.csv: File detailing contents of folder. Contains the following variables:
- FolderName: string in the format of or yyyymmdd specifying the date of the recording
- ParentFileName: a string specifying the root name of the file. Suffix pp = paired-pulse, Suffix bl=baseline; suffix io=input output
- Repeats: 0 contains data for input output and/or baseline recordings; 1 contains data for high frequency tetanus; 2 post-tetanus acquisition.
>2 are further tetanisations or post tetanus recordings. For Animals G194 and G185, the input-output file was saved separately with suffix β€œio”.
Details of stimulus intensities in hand-written lab book
- AnimalID: String specifying the AnimalID
- Slice: Slice number, increasing from dorsal to ventral, or unknown
- DecodingARUK.csv: File specifying genotypes for MouseID
- Folders labelled by date containing .wcp files acquired on specified date. Files as detailed in LTP_ARUK_Information.csv.
Data can be opened using WinWCP available from

Data Citation

LTP data from MAPT-AD experiment and APP/PS1 experiment. Oren, I. Spires-Jones, T., Edinburgh DataVault, 2018, DOI: 10.7488/bacc399c-0d03-41d6-92b9-a180d6dc7b84
Date made available2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataVault
Date of data production2015

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