MATLAB Codes- Robust, Rapid Lifetime Determination (Robust RLD)



The content of the ZIP file includes:

(1) MATLAB codes for a fluorescence lifetime estimator algorithm called "Robust, Rapid Lifetime Determination" (Robust RLD),
(2) a demo code ('demo.m') that generates random input data and then evaluates the estimator of Robust RLD.

Functions related to codes are all in MATLAB m-file format. Therefore, they should be run in the MATLAB software (Its latest version is preferable.).
Please note that the function 'RobustRLD.m' acts as the main function that can be called at the heart of a Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) system. Other three sub-functions of 'binning.m', 'objectivefunc_measure.m', and 'parametersestimator.m' are called inside the main function of 'RobustRLD.m'. The m-files themselves contain appropriate comments which describe details.

The structure of input random data in the demo code of 'demo.m' is a synthesised histogram of photon counts in a FLIM system. For real experimental data, the user of the codes can feed an actual histogram to the algorithm.

For more details on the algorithm of Robust RLD, please visit the following link that provides the connected paper indexed in TechRxiv (This research is currently under peer review for possible publication in a journal.):

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Taimori, Ali; Hopgood, James. (2022). MATLAB Codes- Robust, Rapid Lifetime Determination (Robust RLD), [software]. The Institute for Digital Communications, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH9 3JL, UK.
Date made available4 Apr 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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