Mouse Lifespan Synaptome Atlas dataset



How synapses change molecularly during the lifespan and across all brain circuits is unknown. We analyzed the protein composition of billions of individual synapses from birth to old age on a brain-wide scale in the mouse, revealing a program of changes in the lifespan synaptome architecture spanning individual dendrites to the systems level. Three major phases were uncovered, corresponding to human childhood, adulthood and old age. An arching trajectory of synaptome architecture drives the differentiation and specialization of brain regions to a peak in young adults before dedifferentiation returns the brain to a juvenile state. This trajectory underscores changing network organization and hippocampal physiology that may account for lifespan transitions in intellectual ability and memory, and the onset of behavioral disorders. # Note re dataset title # At the request of the journal publisher, the title of this dataset was updated to "Mouse Lifespan Synaptome Atlas dataset". Previous titles of this dataset: * "Raw data from individual synapses across the mouse brain from birth to 18 months. This dataset was previously titled - Synaptome data with individual synapse parameters, types and subtypes for 10 representative sagittal mouse brain sections across the lifespan"

Data Citation

Cizeron, M; Qiu, Z; Koniaris, B; Gokhale, R; Komiyama, N; Fransén, E; Grant, SGN. (2020). Mouse Lifespan Synaptome Atlas dataset [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences.
Date made available18 Nov 2019
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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