PA-X Local Peace Agreement Database and Dataset Version 1

  • Christine Bell (Creator)
  • Monalisa Adhikari (Creator)
  • Sanja Badanjak (Creator)
  • Juline Beaujouan (Creator)
  • Distrotti Margherita (Creator)
  • Tim Epple (Creator)
  • Robert Forster (Creator)
  • Robert Wilson (Creator)
  • Laura Wise (Creator)



This database lists all agreements included on the main PA-X database that deal in some way with local issues, involve local actors, and deal with forms of local/communal violent conflict. Agreements span the 1990 to mid-2020 period, with global coverage, forming a collection of 286 local agreements, 26 of which are new in this release of PA-X Local. PA-X Local only includes agreements for which we could obtain a text, and is therefore neither exhaustive of all local negotiation practices, nor clearly representative of them, nor of the range of armed actors and groups involved in local agreement-making. While it is likely to therefore reflect some processes more than others, it forms a useful qualitative tool for beginning to understand local processes and is the only database that we know of to currently do this.

Data Citation

Bell, Christine; Adhikari, Monalisa; Badanjak, Sanja; Beaujouan, Juline; Distrotti, Margherita; Epple, Tim; Forster, Robert; Wilson, Robert; and Wise, Laura (2020). PA-X Local Peace Agreements Database and Dataset, Version 1. 1990-2019 [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Law. Political Settlements Research Programme.
Date made available2020
PublisherPolitical Settlements Research Programme
Temporal coverage1 Jan 1990

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