ParAlleL plasmid sequences in SBOL, GENBANK and FASTA format



Data supporting the paper "ParAlleL: a novel population-based approach to biological logic gates" (Under review manuscript). Abstract: In vivo logic gates have proven difficult to combine into larger devices. Our cell-based logic system, ParAlleL, decomposes a large circuit into a collection of small subcircuits working in parallel, each subcircuit responding to a different combination of inputs. A final global output is then generated by a combination of the responses. Using ParAlleL, for the first time a completely functional 3-bit full adder and full subtractor were generated using Escherichia coli cells; as well as a calculator-style display that shows a numeric result, from 0 to 7, when the proper 3 bit binary inputs are introduced into the system. ParAlleL demonstrates the use of a parallel approach for the design of cell-based logic gates that facilitates the generation and analysis of complex processes, without the need for complex genetic engineering.

Data Citation

Millacura, Felipe A; French, Christopher E. (2019). ParAlleL plasmid sequences in SBOL, GENBANK and FASTA format, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Biological Sciences.
Date made available14 Feb 2019
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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