Parallel speciation with gene flow in Antirrhinum



The dataset comprises four files. 1) Alpujarra_Antirrhinum_species_AFLP_genotypes.txt contains amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) genotypes of wild populations of five Antirrhinum species (A. barrelieri, A. rupestre, A. hispanicum, A. molle and A. tortuosum) from the Alpujarra region of southeast Spain. 2) Alpujarra_Antirrhinum_species_phenotypes.txt contains phenotype data for the same populations. 3) A.barrelieri_x_A.rupestre_F2_traits_and_genotypes.txt contains restriction-site associated DNA (RAD) genotypes and phenotype data for an F2 population of A. barrelieri x A. rupestre, the F1 parents and species grandparents. 4) Key_to_RAD_indices.txt contains the index sequences needed to assign RADseq reads to individuals. Further details are given in the ReadMe.txt file.

Data Citation

Hudson, Andrew. (2022). Parallel speciation with gene flow in Antirrhinum, [dataset]. School of Biological Sciences.
Date made available31 Jan 2023
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Geographical coverageSPAIN,ES

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