PEBAX MH-1657/ZIF-8 Mixed Matrix Membranes Morphology and Performance



In this work, mixed matrix membranes were created using a PEBAX MH-1657 polymer and a ZIF-8 filler. The effect of casting plate temperature, varying from −5 °C to 50 °C, and the effect of ultrasound treatment (referred as four-hour ultrasound treatment (UT) on the combined solution (4hC), four-hour UT of the filler followed by briefly stirring for one minute with the polymer solution (4hF), one-hour UT on the filler solution and 20 min combined UT (1hF 20mC), three hours UT on the filler solution followed by one-hour UT on the combined solution (3hF 1hC), and finally five hours UT for the filler fol-lowed by one hour and forty minutes UT on the combined solution (5hF 1h40C)) were investigated. SEM images, permeation tests using pure CO2 and N2 gas, XRD and DSC experiments were used to investigate the membranes morphology and performance
Date made available31 May 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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