Pragmatics of contrastive stress: experimental recordings



The .tgz archives may be unzipped with standard decompression software such as 7-zip. They contain recordings in .wav format.


This dataset contains the audio recordings that were used as part of three experiments on the effect of contrastive stress on pragmatic enrichment. The goals of the experiments, the properties of the recorded sentences, and the results are reported in Cummins, C. & Rohde, H. (submitted). "Evoking context with contrastive stress: effects on pragmatic enrichment". Frontiers in Psychology, Special Issue on Context. In this dataset, the recordings for the three experiments are labeled as: stimuli-implicature.tgz, stimuli-presupposition.tgz, and stimuli-coreference.tgz. Each zip file contains a set of .wav files: one sound file per sentence; the file names indicate the target word. Chris Cummins made the recordings at the University of Edinburgh in a sound-attenuated booth. He is a native speaker of British English. His intonation reflects his intention to convey an intended meaning (rather than a pre-specified intonation contour with pitch accent varied only on one word).

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Cummins, Chris; Rohde, Hannah. (2015). Pragmatics of contrastive stress: experimental recordings, [sound]. University of Edinburgh, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.
Date made available21 Oct 2015
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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