Beachdan a' phobaill air a' Ghàidhlig ann an Alba


This project, funded by the ESRC with contributions from Bòrd na Gàidhlig and the Scottish Government, investigates the attitudes of the Scottish population to the Gaelic language. The research involves the incorporation of a module of questions on attitudes to Gaelic in the annual Scottish Social Attitudes Survey of 2012; that survey has been the main academic means by which Scottish social attitudes on a range of public issues have been measured since 1999. The module measures views about the use of Gaelic in public areas, the place of Gaelic in education, the use of Gaelic in broadcasting, the place of Gaelic in regional, Scottish and British identities, the language rights of Gaelic speakers, and the future of Gaelic. The survey also gathers a rich array of standard demographic data, data on identity and political attitudes, and data on attitudes to the Scottish constitution (including to the questions that will be raised during the debate on Scottish independence in connection with the projected referendum in 2014). The data set thus enables attitudes to Gaelic to be set in a broad context of public attitudes more generally. The data come from face-to-face interviews with a clustered, stratified random sample of 1,200 adults living in Scotland. The survey is conducted to the high methodological standards of the leading academic survey organisation in the UK, NatCen Social Research, through its Scottish arm, ScotCen Social Research.
Date made available2013
PublisherUK Data Archive (Colchester, Essex)

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