RISC-V GNU compiler toolchains with vector extension support



RISC-V is an open standard Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) which enables the royalty free development of CPUs and a common software ecosystem to be shared across them. The EPCC RISC-V testbed (http://riscv.epcc.ed.ac.uk/) aim to provide HPC code developers and data-scientists access to the latest RISC-V CPUs so that they can easily and conveniently experiment with the architecture for their workloads. Access to the testbed is free and intended as a research resource.

This repository contains 4 GNU compiler toolchains (glibc) for RISC-V with support for the vector extension v0.7.1. The toolchains are precompiled for 64-bit x86.
Date made available28 Mar 2023
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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