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  • Linda Croxford (Depositor)



Multiple datasets submitted by Linda Croxford / Centre for Educational Sociology which have been made available through DataShare at


The SYPS cohorts comprise young people aged 15-16 who were in their final year of compulsory schooling in all Scottish secondary schools except special schools. They were first surveyed nine months after completing their final compulsory year (the S4 year stage), at which time some had left school while others remained for post-compulsory education. Follow-up surveys followed their transitions into further education, higher education and the labour market.

There were four SYPS cohorts. The first was surveyed in 1985, with follow-up surveys in 1986 and 1987. Subsequent cohorts had just one follow-up survey after two years.

The “Scottish youth cohort trends dataset, 1984-2005” brings together a subset of comparable variables from each SYPS cohort, with the addition of subsequent data from the Scottish School Leavers Survey (SSLS).

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"Scottish Young People's Survey Cohort series" [dataset]
Date made available5 May 2017
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