Sequencing of freshly produced RNA following exposure of cells to DNA damage-inducing UV mimetic 4-hydroxyaminoquinolone (4-NQO)

  • Andrii Bugai (Creator)
  • Alexandre J C Quaresma (Creator)
  • C. C. Friedel (Creator)
  • Tina Lenasi (Creator)
  • Chris Sibley (Creator)
  • Petra Kukanja (Creator)
  • Koh Fujinaga (Creator)
  • Melanie Blasius (Creator)
  • Thomas Hennig (Creator)
  • Jernej Ule (Creator)
  • Lars Dölken (Creator)
  • Matjaž Barborič (Creator)



We used Illumina-HiSeq4000 to sequence 4sU-labelled RNA samples isolated from unchallenged and DNA damaged HeLa Flp-In cells, which revealed the nature of transcriptional response folowing genotoxic stress and the contribution of P-TEFb kinase in DNA damage-induced gene transcription.


We mock treated or treated HeLa Flp-In cells for 1 or 2 hr with DMSO, 4-NQO, or 4-NQO + flavopiridol (FP) as indicated below. During the last 30 minutes of the treatments, we labeled the RNA or not with the nucleoside analogue 4-thiouridine (500µM 4sU) for 30 minutes.

Data Citation

Bugai A, Quaresma AJC, Friedel CC, Lenasi T et al. P-TEFb Activation by RBM7 Shapes a Pro-survival Transcriptional Response to Genotoxic Stress. Mol Cell 2019 Apr 18;74(2):254-267.e10. PMID: 30824372

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