Serial serum AFP results for HCC free patients in HCC surveillance cohort



Column descriptions ID, Number taken from original cohort of 1547 patients Consecutive no., Number of patient following data clean up – removal of non screening patients and duplicates Sampleno, Number of AFP sample in chronically order (oldest first) resultAFP. AFP value (kU/l) logresultAFP, AFP value (log10 kU/l) Daysfromlastscreening, Days difference between sample date and last sample date Sexcat, Male =1; Female =0 agein2009, Patient age on at first sample in 2009 Aetgroup, 0= alcoholic liver disease, 1=Hepatitis C virus, 2=Non-alcoholic liver disease, 3=Hepatitis B Virus, 4=Primary biliary cholangitis, 5= hereditary haemochromatosis, 6=autoimmune hepatitis, 7=other (includes cryptogenic cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, drug related hepatitis, granulomatous liver disease, eosinophilic hepatitis, a1 antitrypsin, veno-occlusive disease, Wilson’s disease)


Data used for analysis is related submission to PLOS ONE. Ethical approval given for deposition in publicly available repository by local ethics committee. Individual patients each have a series of AFP results (serum) taken over time. Reference in days is given with respect to the most recent sample. Relevant clinical details are provided.

Data Citation

Bird, Tom. (2016). Serial serum AFP results for HCC free patients in HCC surveillance cohort, 1999-2012 [dataset]. University of Edinburgh.
Date made available2016
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage7 Jun 1999 - 21 Mar 2012
Geographical coverageLothian, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM

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