Sex-stratified logistic mixed models: 42 binary traits



Sex-stratified GWAS can help shed light on sexual differences in genetic architecture. In Bernabeu et al (2021) we fit sex-stratified logistic mixed models (using REGENIE) across a total of 42 binary traits for which we’d found evidence of sexual differences for at least one genetic variant. Here, the results of said models, as well as the comparison statistics between male and female genetic effects, are included. Each file contains the results for a single binary trait, as stated in the file name, using its corresponding UK Biobank trait code. Trait descriptions, including their respective UK Biobank codes, are stated in the “trait_description_binary.tsv” file. For each trait (each .gz file), GWAS summary statistics obtained for over 9 million genetic variants across the autosomal genome and circa 450K individuals, as well as the results of the t-test comparing genetic effect estimates between the sexes, are included.

Data Citation

Bernabeu, Elena; Canela-Xandri, Oriol; Rawlik, Konrad; Tenesa, Albert. (2021). Sex-stratified logistic mixed models: 42 binary traits, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. The Roslin Institute.
Date made available25 May 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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