• Bert Remijsen (Creator)
  • Otto Gwado Ayoker (Creator)
  • Signe Jørgensen (Creator)



This dataset forms the basis of the paper "Three-level vowel length in Shilluk" authored by Remijsen, Ayoker, & Jørgensen which has been provisionally accepted for publication in Phonology. Apart from the primary data, the dataset includes various datatypes produced in the course of acoustic processing and analysis (TextGrid, Pitch, PitchTier, and Formant objects). The composition of the dataset is explained in the readme document.


The primary data in this dataset are audio recordings (wav format). They are utterances in the Shilluk language (Nilo-Saharan, South Sudan), recorded from 8 speakers, collected through controlled elicitation. The data were collected in order to investigate the phonological contrast between short, long, and overlong vowels in Shilluk.

Data Citation

Remijsen, Bert; Ayoker, Otto Gwado; Jørgensen, Signe. (2018). Shilluk_2016_controlled_ThreeLevelVowelLength, 2016-2018 [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. Linguistics and English Language.
Date made available24 Aug 2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverageJun 2016 - Aug 2018
Geographical coverageJuba, South Sudan

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