Sizing Multimodal Suspensions with Differential Dynamic Microscopy



This dataset accompanies the article "Sizing multimodal suspensions using differential dynamic microscopy", by J. J. Bradley, V. A. Martinez, J. Arlt, J. R. Royer, and W. C. K. Poon, submitted to Soft Matter. Differential Dynamic Microscopy (DDM) is a powerful tool which can extract particle diffusivity (and hence particle size) from microscopy videos of colloidal suspensions. Well established in the literature for monomodal suspensions, we have shown that DDM can extract the mean size of separate populations in a multimodal suspension. Included in this dataset is the extracted DICF for every video used in the paper, along with fit results (both CONTIN and Least-Squares), and data points required for reproducing the figures. Also included is one raw video for every set of five repeats, allowing users to test their own DDM analysis code and fit approaches. The README file explains the format of the data. File_info.csv links the provided data and filenames to the respective sections of the paper, providing a brief description of each file. Some of the videos could be useful to researchers interested in other analysis techniques for microscopy videos, for example verifying diffusivities obtained with particle tracking against those obtained with DDM.
Date made available5 May 2023
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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