Social data on human wildlife conflict in ten rural communities of Marrupa, Northern Mozambique

  • M. Carvalho (Creator)
  • F. Lupera (Creator)
  • R. Nhamussua (Creator)
  • S. N. Lisboa (Creator)
  • Casey Ryan (Creator)
  • N. Ribeiro (Creator)



This dataset includes the transcript of discussion group activities on Human Wildlife conflict, conducted with ten rural communities in Marrupa District, Niassa (Northern Mozambique). It also comprises the results of semi-structured interviews conducted individually in three of the ten selected communities. The ten villages were selected from a forest cover gradient running from villages with a higher forest cover to those within degraded forest areas and consequently low cover. The villages had similar infrastructure, soils, rainfall, and vegetation types. The dataset contains information on the occurrence of conflict with both vertebrate and invertebrate wild species, mitigation strategies, conflict seasonality and trends, but also its impact on agricultural production and livestock rearing. The discussion groups were conducted with six to ten people and the presence of the leader of each village, between May and July 2015. Data were collected as part of a project funded under the Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) programme.
Date made available31 Jan 2017
PublisherNERC Environmental Information Data Centre

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