Sub-regional classification of the IPCC Europe region



The IPCC sub-regional classification of the IPCC Europe region is based on a combination of the Environmental Stratification of Europe (Metzger at al. 2005), which covers the map up to 32° East, and an extension for Eastern Europe which was constructed using the same statistical methods. The combined dataset distinguishes 17 zones. To reduce the complexity, the zones have been aggregated to five main zones which were used in the IPCC 5th Assessment Reports Working Group 2 Europe Chapter (Kovats et al. 2014). Significant variation in climate, and (agro-) ecosystems remains within these zones, and further subdivision may make sense when assessing particular climate change impact. One obvious candidate for further subdivision is the ‘Southern zone’, which includes Mediterranean mountains and uplands in Anatolia that contrast starkly with other parts of the zone.

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Metzger, Marc J. (2018). Sub-regional classification of the IPCC Europe region, [dataset]. The University of Edinburgh.
Date made available16 Aug 2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Geographical coverageEurope

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