Synaptic and non synaptic proteome in ageing murine cortical isolates 



1. Graham et al_Raw MS data archive: This is approximately 14GB of raw mass spec files for young, mid and old age isolates of synaptic and non synaptic mitochondrial fractions. 2. Graham et al_Progenesis analysis output: This is the data output following analysis of the raw files from 1. (above) with Progenesis software. 3. Graham et al_Mitocarta overlap: This is a list with the candidates identified which overlap with aspects of the Mitocarta dataset (freely available from here: 4. Graham et al_Clusters of expression correlates: This is a multi tabbed file with the outputs of proteomic data clustering with specific expression trends following analysis with BioLayout software (available from here: 5. Graham et al_Heatmap components: This is a list of the filtered data which was used to generate a heatmap of candidates whose expression alters in a biologically relevant manner with advancing age.


Label free proteomic analysis of "synaptic" and "non-synaptic" mitochondrial subpopulations isolated from murine cortex throughout the process of "normal healthy" ageing. These are sub populations of mitochondria as isolated and defined by Lai JC, Walsh JM, Dennis SC, Clark JB. Synaptic and non-synaptic mitochondria from rat brain: isolation and characterization. J Neurochem. 1977;28(3):625-31. Files attached include synaptic or non-synaptic mitochondrial time course data output from Progenesis software.

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Date made available15 Nov 2021
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