Synaptic Proteome SQLite database V1.00.1



Genes encoding synaptic proteins are highly associated with neuronal disorders many of which show clinical co-morbidity. Previously, we integrated 58 published synaptic proteomic datasets that describe over 8,000 proteins and combined them with direct protein-protein interactions and functional metadata to build a network resource that reveals the shared and unique protein components that underpin multiple disorders. All the data are provided in a flexible and accessible format to encourage custom use and available from here:

In the current update we added 6 more synaptic proteome studies, which results in total of 64 studies. We introduced Synaptic Vesicle as a separate compartment. We also added coding mutations for Autistic Spectral disorder and Epilepsy collected from publicly available databases.

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Sorokina, Oksana; Armstromg, J Douglas. (2022). Synaptic Proteome SQLite database V1.00.1, 2000-2022 [software]. University of Edinburgh. School of Informatics.
Date made available11 Oct 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverageJan 2000 - Oct 2022
Geographical coverageUK,UNITED KINGDOM

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